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Keep your soil health,

in the Lime Light

Products and services

Start from the ground up with our down to earth service! We provide everything to get the foundations of farming right - soil. From soil analysis and recommendation, we also provide supply and spreading. We offer a range of core products such as Ground Limestone and Gypsum together with a range of granular products.

About us

The Lime Company was started in Oxfordshire by Mike Souch over 30 years ago. Elice Willett joined The Lime Company in 2014 and now runs The Lime Company with the backing of Dallas Keith Ltd.

Latest News 

Correcting your soil acidity could increase your fertiliser efficacy by up to 50%

August 2023

Smart farming with IoT, futuristic agriculture concept _ Farmer wears VR or AR glasses whi

Find out how Ground Limestone and Fibrophos will benefit your soil and the environment

August 2021

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