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Recommendation by

The Lime Company

Objective recommendations

Once a lime requirement has been established, an accurate recommendation for the specific crop, rotation and target issue can be produced and the relevant product sourced, delivered and spread!

Agricultural Lime is lost from the soil in a variety of ways and intensive arable and livestock rotations naturally reduce the lime status and pH of the soil. Average losses can add up to 1250kg of CaCO3 per year!


  • Decomposition of crop residues forms organic and inorganic acids

  • Plants remove calcium and magnesium from the soil, increasing acidity

  • Deep tillage may turn up acidic subsoil into the crop root zone 

  • Plants release hydrogen ions to the soil, increasing acidity


  • Calcium and magnesium moved downwards out of the crop root zone by soil water, often with Nitrogen


  • Ammonium nitrate fertilisers increase soil acidity through nitrification


  • The products burning fossil fuels in power plants, industry and motor vehicles fall on soil as sulphuric and nitric acid rainfall.


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