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The Lime Company

Products to enhance your soil

The Lime Company provides a range of products to enhance your soil quality - Ground Limestone, Fibrophos, Gypsum and a range of Granular Products. Why are some of these products use? How do they actually benefit your soil?

Ground Limestone

Soil with the wrong pH level can have a significant financial impact on farm businesses through reduced soil quality, lower uptake of nutrients from applied fertilisers and poorer competition of grass and clover species against weeds. It also has a significant effect on biological and chemical processes, therefore affecting nitrous oxide emissions. Lime is removed through the soil through processes such as leaching, via crop offtake and from some fertilisers. 

The key benefits of Lime application are:

  • Improves soil structure

  • Essential for maximising the benefit from expensive fertilisers

  • Improves the efficiency of herbicides

  • Low cost, easy application

  • A long-term investment in the productive potential of the land

Smart farming with IoT, futuristic agriculture concept _ Farmer wears VR or AR glasses whi

Fibrophos offers an environmentally-friendly phosphate and potash product to satisfy farmers’ increasing requirements to play their part in tackling climate change, with the added benefit of a wide range of secondary elements and essential trace elements.


Fibrophos and P-Grow offer tremendous value against blends and straights, with the added benefit of improving all-round soil status by applying free secondary elements like Sulphur, Magnesium and Calcium, plus a full range of essential trace elements.

Using Fibrophos will also reduce your workload at an especially busy time of year as you can let our trusted spreading contractors take care of it, whilst you get on with the other important aspects of your farm.

At a time when UK agriculture is coming under increasing pressure to be more environmentally conscious, Fibrophos presents an ideal solution for your fertiliser application. Much of the fertiliser applied in the UK today is mined, processed and transported from overseas, a lot of this being mined minerals  – never to be replaced. Fibrophos is a totally renewable nutrient source. Using the ash by-product of UK-produced chicken litter (which is used as fuel to generate carbon neutral green electricity feeding directly into the national grid) it is prepared into a spreadable, nutrient-rich phosphate and potash rich fertiliser. As Fibrophos is delivered in bulk, it also cuts out the need for double-handling product and any plastic packaging, which would ordinarily need to be disposed of.

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